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Vitaminerals EDAP+

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Skin Barrier & Repair Cream

Strong base formula with Vitamin E, D, A and Panthenol

Edap+ is one of the most sought after skin creams in Hollywood, used on nearly every movie set, especially for roles that require a lot of makeup and latex to skin contact.

EDAP is now EDAP+.  With added vitamin-rich oils such as Coconut, Avocado, Olive, Grapeseed, Soybean and Moringa as well as Vitamin C, and Essential Oils to increase the nourishment of dry, damaged, irritated dermal tissues while forming a defensive antioxidant skin barrier, protecting delicate dermal and sub-dermal tissues from free radical damage.

  • Enhanced with vitamin-rich oils
  • Organic Ingredients - Vitamin C
  • Essential Vitamins - Natural Plant Sterols
  • Preferred by Make Up Artists for Decades
  • Paraben Free - Fragrance Free - Not Tested On Animals