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The Makeup Armoury are a UK distributer of Telesis, bought to you by PPI (Premiere Products).

The Telesis Adhesive is an elite and specialised product, originally created for the medical industry. It has since found its way to the Special FX Makeup world as the perfect glue for Silicone Prosthetics. It can be used on its own or with the Telesis Thinner. Need a little help as to which one is the right one for you? 

Telesis 8 - Normal drying speed, once the piece is glued it will not budge.

Telesis 8F - Fast drying, most similar to the Telesis 5.

Telesis 8S - Slow Drying, perfect if you are working somewhere extremely hot and humid. 

  Rest assured this entire range is FDA approved and Cruelty Free!

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Glazing Gel

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Telesis 5 Thinner

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Telesis 8 Adhesive

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Telesis 8S Adhesive

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