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Haunting from Home - Richard Redlefsen

Haunting from Home - Richard Redlefsen

Richard Redlefsen is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles. He has worked across the board on films such as, Bombshell, which won an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling. His other credits include, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Pirates of The Caribbean, Star Trek, Captain Marvel, The Tempest, Saw, The Incredible Hulk, Underworld and Jeepers Creepers, as well credits on Television productions including, Twin Peaks, Heroes, Star Trek: Picard, American Horror Story and many, many more....
Needless to say that Richard is one of our most favourite people and is well known for being one of the nicest, hardest working and humble artists within the industry. 
We caught up with Richard and chatted about our mutual love for Halloween! 
Haunting from Home with Tony Gardener

Haunting from Home with Tony Gardener

Known best for the films "127 Hours," "Zombieland Double Tap," "Hocus Pocus," and"Bad Grandpa," as well as his work with Daft Punk, Tony Gardner began his film career working on "Michael Jackson's Thriller" under the auspices of Rick Baker.

Tony, like most of our favourite ghouls, considers Halloween a big deal in his house hold. Decorating the entire house is a must and Tony even has a Halloween tree that goes up every year which him and his family dress together! Chucky and his Bride also make an appearance as permenant dinner table guests for the season! 

Haunting from Home with Eryn Kreuger Mekash

Haunting from Home with Eryn Kreuger Mekash

Eryn Krueger Mekash has over 30 years of television and film industry experience as a makeup artist and is diversified in beauty, makeup effects and design. Her credits cover a wide range of productions. Eryn started her career in the special makeup effects field in Los Angeles.

And importantly for the purpose of this blog, Eryn is a huge halloween fan!
Eryn has even created a Halloween instagram to showcase her vast collection of memorabilia, along with the best decorations, treats and events available in the LA area. 
Haunting from Home with Howard Berger

Haunting from Home with Howard Berger

As most of the world stays in lockdown throughout spooky season. We thought it might be fun to reminisce on Halloweens passed. We asked some of our favourite spooky fiends to share with us some of their most memorable Halloween experiences...

Academy Award Winning special effects makeup artist, monster maker & animatronic character creator, Howard Berger, grew up in Los Angeles loving movies, special effects makeup, monsters and Halloween.

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