Platsil Gel 00 2kg Kit


A variation on Platsil Gel 10, this silicone creates an already softer silicone than Platsil Gel 10 that requires less deadener to create a prosthetic gel. It’s also soft enough to be used on its own to create dummy body parts and silicone masks.

From the Polytek website; PlatSil Gel 00 is similar to PlatSil Gel 10 and PlatSil Gel 25 in all respects except in its Shore hardness. Platsil Gel 00 is measured on the Shore 00 scale as an 00-30. It offers a 1:1 mix ratio, 6-minute working time and 30-minute demould time. It can be thickened with PlatThix for brushing, slowed down for a longer working time with PlatSil 71/73 Part R and, maybe most importantly, Gel 00 can be “deadened” with Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener or PlatSil Deadener LV (Low Viscosity). In fact, even less Deadener is required to soften the Gel 00 and to create tacky, self-sticking appliances or super-gels. In addition, PlatSil Gel 00 can be combined with PlatSil Gel 10 and PlatSil Gel-25 in any ratio (keeping respective A’s and B’s at the right 1:1 ratio) to make any hardness PlatSil Gel between a Shore A25 to a super-soft Shore 0030.

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