Dirty Down Dulling Spray 400ml

Dirty Down

Reduces reflection & glare from polished surfaces such as metal, mirrors etc.Fast drying. Spay from a distance and apply fine coats only – do not apply heavy coats. A fine coat of spray will create a light dulling effect. Two or three fine coats of spray will increase the dulling effect. Several fine coats will make things very dull. The dulling effect keeps increasing when more coats are added.
Quick and easy to use, just shake and spray. Sticks to almost anything. Dulling spray also looks like a layer of clear dirt, just like natural grime. It smudges with a wet sponge creating a patchy effect that is easy to wash off. Spray it over the top of one of our ageing spray to make a matt finish. Dulling Spray is ozone friendly.


Due to the hazardous nature of this product, please email us at hello@themakeuparmoury.com to check we are able to deliver to your area. Thank you!

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