Dirty Down Snow Spray 400ml

Dirty Down

Create a light dusting of snow is seconds with one quick spray. Build up layers of snow by spraying more coats. Looks great on windows and can be cleaned off glass even after being dry for months. Sticks upon contact and dries fast.
Also apply to costumes. Recently used on the film "World War Z".
To remove snow from solid smooth surfaces such as glass, scrape off excess snow then wipe off the remaining snow using "Mr Sheen" furniture polish and a dry cloth. Never use soap or water. Should the red nozzle become blocked its easy to clear, just pull it off the top of the can place it in boiling water for a few minutes.

Due to the hazardous nature of this product, please email us at hello@themakeuparmoury.com to check we are able to deliver to your area. Thank you!

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