Bluebird Hair Silver Ink Palette


A range of hair silvering colours including yellow and copper biased pigments to off-tone any bluish cast. For the most natural effects, intermix colours with the Lo-Lights Palette to create shades of grey and 'salt & pepper'. All pigments are iridescent for natural, translucent effects.

Colours: (Copper Pearl, Platinum Pearl, Steel Pearl, White Pearl)

The Bluebird Hair Palettes are creamy with a lusciously rich colour. They have an amazing coverage and the pearlescent nature of the product gives a wonderful light-reflective effect, which avoids any flatness in colour. Palette colours are activated with alcohol and have spectacular staying power.

The Bluebird Hair Palettes are perfect for covering regrowth, adding tonal effects and are also fantastic for colouring facial hair. 

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