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Jao Refresher Hand Sanitizer


Jao Refresher is a highly effective antibacterial and disinfectant hand gel that kills germs and freshens hands with ethyl alcohol (less drying) and a bespoke blend of antiseptic essential oils, containing Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Geranium, and Sage.

Jao can be used as a natural sanitizer for a multitude of purposes:

  • Keep hands germ free
  • Stop spreading bacteria and viruses 
  • Zit Zapper
  • Aftershave
  • Face Toner
  • Body Splash
  • Underarm Deodorant
  • and even more!

Jao Refresher was tested against seven of the most likely hand contaminants, specifically: Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Staphylococus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Candida Albicans, Salmonella Choleraseous and Streptococcus Pneumoniae. In all cases, the "kill rate" was less than one minute.

Jao Hand Refresher is made with 65% Natural Ethyl Alcohol, derived from corn, which kills germs safely using no bacteriostats that weaken over time and can grow resistant germs. Alcohol kills germs by drying out their cell wall. Jao does not use Benzalkonium Chloride or Triclosan, which are bad for humans and the environment, and are known marine pollutants.


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