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This Weeks Best Sellers

by Natalie Wright
This Weeks Best Sellers

Isn't it nice to know what products you're all loving at the minute?
Don't you just wish you could see everyones baskets and know everyones current must haves?
Well, allow us to divulge this weeks best sellers.

1- The BRAND NEW Slim Maqpro Lip Palette 
This slim-lined, petite palette has been thoughtfully created to contain all of your favourite lip shades. Neutral, Nude, Reds, Pink, Coral and Plum in a handy space saving design.
See through, slim palette contains x10 shades and is a great space-saver.
Perfect for packing light and on set touch ups. 

2- Jordane Total Hair Palette 
The first line of this hair palette contains a range of metallic colours with a range of undertones to help realistically age your actors hair. The second row is a collection of highly pigmented generic hair colours which can be used to cover greys or change the colour of the hair. 
This palette is a perfect kit addition in a handy set bag size, but is also available in a full size. 
This product is designed for longevity once applied and dried. Each color in detailing palette is highly pigmented and water-proof.

3 - Ben Nye's Final Seal
Finish your makeup looks by making it smudge-proof and water-resistant!
Ben Nye's Final Seal Matte Sealer locks in your look for hours of performing. Keeps makeup in place, even through heavy perspiration, heat and friction. 
Available in 1oz, 2oz and 8oz. 

Tancho High Grade Tique is a super strong hold pomade stick. Made in Japan, it has a calming lavender scent and uses natural vegetable based ingredients that leaves beautiful sheen on the hair. Just a little dab  will tame strays, flyaways. 

Works great with thick and coarse hair to maintain edges and keep definition.
A classic product and a go to for stylists and hairdressers.

The Makeup Armoury Velour Powder Puffs are ideal for quick touch ups and super easy powder application. Made with super-soft cotton velvet, that evenly distributes product.
 The pointed end allows you to get into tight crevices such as the nose and corner of the eyes. 
The wide end is great for powdering larger areas. 
It prevents fingerprint transfer when resting your hand or finger on a clients face.