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Our Top 10 SFX Instagram Accounts to follow this Halloween

by Natalie Wright
Our Top 10 SFX Instagram Accounts to follow this Halloween

Probably like most of you, we too are guilty of spending way too much time on Instagram. It’s creative and fun, and hey, so are we, so it’s a match made in heaven! And what better time to indulge in this than Halloween? 

What we really love are those instagrammers who show the limitless possibilities of makeup, showcasing new products and techniques. Whether you want to create a shockingly realistic wound, a frightening face paint, or even something subtle and sexy we have you covered. 

Scrolling for inspiration may consume your life, so to help you out, we've picked out the 10 best instagram accounts to follow this Halloween:
Self-taught SFX MUA Marc Clancy showcases his awesome skills on his Instagram feed. Incredibly lifelike injuries, so much so that he has to point out in his profile all images shown are makeup and are not real…
Marc Clancy Powdah FX
Enter the fantasy world of Kat, who mixes mermaid with a touch of gore. Surprisingly beautiful. We are a fan!
Only 17 years old and already so talented. It just feels a bit unfair, right? Amazing skill from a promising artist… one to watch for sure.



A hugely popular feed, created by MUA Elinor Rosander and Macs Moser, showcasing some truly scary SFX looks that may keep you up at night…

Ellimacs SFX

MUA Shonagh does a great mix of SFX and beauty looks on her feed and accompanying YouTube channel. We love her gory Disney princesses and her film-inspired makeovers…

Shonnagh makeup


Organiser of the hugely popular competition Stryking FEAR (enter it for your chance to win some Makeup Armoury goodies), it celebrates creativity and skills within the SFX and MUA community. Search for the #stryingFEAR to see all entries.

Miss Stryx

Anna Lingis

Multi-talented Anna Lingis is the co-founder of Dupe Magazine, which gives talented, up and coming MUAs a platform to showcase their work. Her own Instagram feed does exactly that for her own work – expect a lot of glitter and a slight obsession with skulls...

Anna Lingis


Sam Chapman doesn’t need an introduction – she’s one of the most established YouTubers out there. If you are after a more subtle approach to halloween makeups, check out her Instagram in the run up to Halloween to see her wearable and sexy makeups.

Pixiwoo Sam Champman


What Maria can do with a paint brush is out of this world. Known for her mind-blowing transformations, makeup illusions is what she excels at.

Maria Malone


( )
Recently graduated, the talented EllyJS surely has a bright future ahead. Her work features a lot of prosthetics. Check out the Egyptian Hybrid she did recently… truly impressive!




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