Our Top 5 SFX Brushes

July 13, 2017

Our Top 5 SFX Brushes

Our Top 5 SFX Brushes

We all have our favourite brushes, the brushes that you rely on, which have seen you through thick and thin. The brushes that you feel lost without when you arrive on set and realise you forget to pack it into your kit at 4am this morning... 

I have many favourites because i'm greedy like that. But how do you decide which brushes deserve the converted title of 'Favourite Brush?!' Well, for most of us this will come naturally, with practice you will become more familiar with choosing the right brush for the job.

So join us as we discuss our favourite SFX brushes and why these are kit essentials.

These are the SFX brush we can’t live without:

  Titanic Pro FX Stipple Brush 110

Stipple Brush:

The Titanic Pro-FX Large Stipple 110 is perfect for when you need to cover large areas, and it is also useful for painting bald caps and prosthetics that cover the body. Each brush is completely unique as the brush hairs are unevenly dispersed, providing different textures each time it is used. For smaller or more precise stippling, try the Titanic Pro-FX Medium Round Duo Fibre Stipple 109 or the Titanic Pro-FX Small Round Duo Fibre Stipple Brush 107. 

 Bdellium SFX Splatter Brush 110x

Splatter Brush

It looks like a simple tooth brush, but the Bdellium SFX 110x Splatter Brush is a rather clever little tool that no SFX artist can live without. Use it to create a perfect spray or splatter of colour, or to carefully brush in hair whiteners and streaks in moustaches.

 Bdellium SFX Stomper Brush  173x

Stomper Brush

Another great multifunctional brush, the Bdellium SFX 173x Stomper Brush can be used to apply powder (the dense brush hairs hold powder very well) and is also handy to press down the edges of a prosthetic when adhering it to the skin.


Titanic Pro FX 102 Bent Liner


Bent Brush

When you struggle applying glue in those hard-to-reach places, this Titanic Pro-FX Bent Liner 102 offers the solution. With a simple angle at the top, it helps you to apply glue in tricky spots such as near the ears, eyebrows or nose with ease.

Bdellium Water Colour Brush 184x

Water colour brush

A good all-rounder, the Bdellium SFX Water Color Brush 184x is great for a wide application of makeup, but in particular works fantastically well with water based or alcohol activated makeup. Use it for stippling by putting a little bit of force onto the brush so that the brush hairs fan out and create a stipple effect, or handle it lightly for creating a softer texture around the eye area. 


Brushes can be great investments if you take the time to look after them properly, SFX brushes are require that extra bit of love to keep them in tip top condition. Don't forget you can’t create great art without having the right tools at your disposal and like anything you truly cherish, you have to look after your brushes to make sure they stay in great condition, ready for the next job. 



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