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by Alice Lennon
On Friday 7th April we travelled across the pond to LA to attend the largest monster/horror convention in the world: Monsterpalooza. After a 15 hour journey we arrived in Pasadena to be greeted by the amazing team at PPI Premiere Products Inc, who basically made the entire trip possible and spoilt us rotten!


Our main priority was to capture as much as possible so that we could share it all with you. We didn’t quite realise how hard this task would be, as everywhere you turned there was something to goggle over, a sculpture that would have us mesmerised or a makeup that would leave us speechless. Rather than mention it all we thought we would give you an overview of some of our favourite moments (although we couldn’t resist doing separate blogs about The Lost Boy’s Demo and Ve Neil’s Frightime Achievement Award, sorry!).


The Monster Museum

Walking into the spooky Monster Museum was something to behold. A picture is worth a thousand words, so armed with a Nikon camera we got snapping. Floor to ceiling of props, tribute pieces, original pieces by the likes of Rick Baker, Greg Cannom, Mike Hill, Norman Cabrera and literally tonnes more. Here is our virtual walk through




Eryn Krueger Mekash

One person we were super eager to finally meet was Eryn. She had kindly done a “10 minutes on set with…” for us and has become somewhat of a legend in The Makeup Armoury HQ. Not only is Eryn incredibly talented (she hand made all of the costumes for The Lost Boy’s demo) she is also one of the nicest department heads out there today. After curating and hosting The Lost Boys’s makeup tribute on the Saturday, she then went onto assist with another makeup on Sunday - a stunning Lucifer makeup, created and applied by Carleigh Herbert. That back piece was truly outstanding.


Josef and Vlad from FX Creator

We caught up with Josef and Vlad over drinks on Saturday evening. They had a demo the following day that they wanted to be fully prepared for, but before they rushed off we got to see a little peek of what was to come the following day. They had to pre colour a lot of their pieces, as their work’s so intricate it would take hours and hours if they were to do the entire thing live. Introducing the God of the Dead. Zoom in to see those horns coming out of the rib cage, who thinks of that?!

FX Creator Vlad and Josef Monsterpalooza

Trump, Putin and Kim by Hyperflesh

If you follow us on Instagram you might have already seen this video. But we had to mention it as one of our highlights. As well as being hysterically funny, we can’t overlook the fact that these masks are expertly sculpted by Landon Meier. Attempting these very famous faces isn’t easy, but if you are going to do it, it better be right! Hats off to Landon.

All we can end this on is if you ever get an opportunity to go to this show then take it! It was worth every penny and every hour of lost sleep. We would do it all again in a heartbeat. A final thanks to all those who made our trip special, we are so lucky we get to work in this very special industry.


For full access to all of our adventures, head over to our Pinterest  and check out our Monsterpalooza Madness board for an excessive amount of pictures!