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Keeping Your Brushes Clean - The Best Products to Use and Ways to Clean Them

by Natalie Wright
Keeping Your Brushes Clean - The Best Products to Use and Ways to Clean Them
Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is always necessary, and right now, it is  more critical than ever. We all know that dirty brushes can become breeding grounds for bacteria, and when used again on your face can lead to breakouts or skin irritations.
But with the world pandemic making us all up our hygiene standards we cover the best products to help you keep yourself and clients safe. 

1. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 

A favourite with American makeup artists and a personal fav of celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes.

"To clean my brushes (or any brush), I use Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner, to disinfect and get rid of excess product in the brush immediately after use," said Barnes. Afterward, he deep cleans with a dish soap and lukewarm water. The LA-based artist said it helps with tough-to-remove makeup like creams from brushes.

Cinema Secrets claims its highly-rated product (holding a 4.3-star rating from more than 1,000 Sephora reviews) is an antimicrobial disinfectant that cleans your brushes quickly, no-rinse required, which is why makeup artists keep it handy when working. Pour a little bit of the vanilla scented blue liquid into a dish, dip your entire brush into the product and it melts the makeup off your tools. Alternatively, you can use the 2oz spray to spritz the brush to saturation and then wipe with a disposable towel or tissue. 


2. Sterilelight Illumicide Surface Disinfecting Case

"UV light devices are worth purchasing because they are known to be effective and have already been in use pre-Covid for sanitation purposes," Ehsan Ali, MD, of Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor Inc.

UV Sanitisers can disinfect various items, ranging from makeup brushes and face masks, to other on set essentials such as electronic devices, hair brushes, water bottles ect. We recommend cleaning your brushes with a brush soap or liquid before utilising the Sterilelight to disinfect. Providing the extra peace of mind that bacteria and viruses, which can not be seen with the naked eye are fully exterminated. 

The Sterilelight provides effective surface disinfection in just 3 minutes with ultra-violet germicidal light. Reduce surface pathogens on infection-prone items within this portable case that doubles as storage. The 40 light, instant-on array is mercury-free, unlike competitor’s outdated technology that unnecessarily harms the planet.

3. Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner 

 At first glance, Parian Spirit seems like just an effective, natural brush cleaner that has a pleasant orange scent. It would be great even if it stopped there. But scratch the surface and you’ll find that Parian Spirit is a MacGyver of makeup cleaners and can be used in a variety of ways to clean any number of materials.

Not just a brush cleaner! Cleaning makeup and adhesives from fronted wigs and false facial hair is a breeze with Parian Spirit. Place a terry cloth or paper towel under the item and spray Parian Spirit directly on the lace of the hair piece. Using a short hard bristled brush (toothbrush) gently rub off residue, blot to dry and finish cleaning.

After extensive antibacterial lab tests, it was found that Parian Spirit had the strongest disinfecting properties among all of the leading makeup brush cleaners. It takes approximately 1 minute of exposure to disinfect a brush. Sprays are effective in surface cleaning and disinfecting. 

The name says it all! The Pro Hygiene Collection founder, Antonia Hawke, was determined to create and deliver professional, quality, effective makeup and beauty hygiene products that not only did want they said on the tin but supported the beauty sector and every day makeup wearers with an easy-to-use range, made in the UK.  And so, The Pro Hygiene Collection was born for all of your hygiene needs.

This brush cleaner is quick-dry, cleans and sanitises makeup brushes and most importantly kills 99.99% of bacteria. It can be used on natural and synthetic makeup brushes and makeup applicators including mascara wands, lip gloss, concealer, brow and eyeliner brush-type applicators.

Trusted and used by international beauty brands and makeup artists. Vegan and cruelty-free and part of a great range of hygiene essentials which you can find HERE


This Professional Cosmetic Brush Cleanser (Solid Brush Soap) with cleaning pad will clean, sanitize, and condition both natural and synthetic bristles. They are cruelty-free and made with fresh ingredients from an all vegan formula. Strong enough to clean your brushes, yet gentle enough to keep them soft and fluffy.  

This handy little pad allows you to work out all of the dirt and oil built up in your brushes for an extra thorough and satisfying clean. Which is stored in the lid of the tin, making the product super easy to use and transport. 


Tips and Tricks! (to keep you safe)

Clean your brushes after every use!

  • Not all of us have time to deep clean our personal brushes after every application. But with small spray bottles of brush cleaner being so accessible, it takes 2 minutes to spray your brushes and wipe with a disposable towel or tissue.  

(Parian Spirit 2oz, Cinema Secrets 2oz, Pro Hygiene Spray) 

  • If you use brushes on set and don't have time to clean then right away, make sure to store them in a cleanable container. Such as a Titanic FX twist up container plastic available in x4 sizes. Or a Lousie Constad Brush Pouch, which is lined with cooler bag material, making it easy to wipe and disinfect.