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How to Create Realistic Looking Tattoos

by Natalie Wright
How to Create Realistic Looking Tattoos

How to create fake tattoos 

Tattoos create such a strong look, helping to bring a character to life, so when you're doing a creative project (like transforming an actor for a particular film or a model for a photo shoot) adding a few tattoos can make a big impact. 

Fortunately, there are some amazing brands and products on the market that can help you create tattoos without having to resort to inking the skin. 

Here are our favourite brands to help you create fake tattoos:

Tattooed Now Range -

Tattooednow Application

Whether you're looking for Traditional, Russian Prison style, Mandala or Celtic designs with over 1000 stock designs TattooedNow surly have something to suit your every desire. These realistic and super easy to apply transfers are the most convenient and straightforward way to create tattoos, which is why they can be seen to be used in productions such as Games of thrones, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending and many more.

The tattoos being hand-drawn, slightly out of focus and designed by skilled tattoo artists ensure that once applied, it looks like the ink is under the skin. Finish off the tattoo by adding the Mattifing Gel, which will dull the shine on the surface of the tattoo. 

TattooedNow also create custom designs which you can read more about HERE

K.D. 151 PENS -

The perfect tool for free handing small and simple designs, these unique Tattoo Pens offer two different types of tips-fine and thick making this a very versatile tool. The ink is alcohol based, so it is water and sweat and rub resistent perfect for maintaining an effect for hours! Super handy to keep in your kit and available in ten colours.K.D. 151 Tattoo Pen The Makeup Armoury


Recreate any genre of tattoo using the classic aged black and green colors of the past with Skin Illustrator's new Tattoo Classics. From the old, faded, hand-made style to modern recreations of tribal bands to historical designs, Tattoo Classics can easily produce the aged effect you desire. The only variable is your application technique. Try using the Bdellium 118X SFX Tattoo Liner brush for the ideal application. 

PPI Skin Illustrator Tattoo Pen The Makeup Armoury



Designed to reproduce the look of period tattoos or to create the 'under the skin' effect of ageing tattoos.The Bluebird Ink Palettes are creamy with a lusciously rich colour. They have an amazing coverage and consistency. Palette colours are activated with a spray or dab of alcohol and have spectacular staying power even on Latex and Silicone.

Bluebird Vintage Tattoo Palette The Makeup Armoury


The Ancient art of Horimono (traditional japanese tattoo), can now be taken to a modernistic level with the HORISHI PALETTE. Four new shades have been combined with the 'Aged Black Liner' and 'Aged Green Liner' colours from the Tattoo Classics Palette to produce the most versatile tattoo palette available. This combination of colours will allow you to recreate any era and style of tattoo, from classic Japanese and WWII tattoos, to modern day styles. Use the HORISHI PALETTE to make a tattoo from scratch (with or without outline transfers), touch up an existing tattoo or change a colour. With HORISHI in your kit, your tattoo art won't need anything else.

PPI Skin Illustrator Horishi Tattoo Palette The Makeup Armoury