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Haunting from Home - Richard Redlefsen

by Natalie Wright
Haunting from Home - Richard Redlefsen
Richard Redlefsen is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles. He has worked across the board on films such as, Bombshell, which won an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling. His other credits include, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Pirates of The Caribbean, Star Trek, Captain Marvel, The Tempest, Saw, The Incredible Hulk, Underworld and Jeepers Creepers, as well credits on Television productions including, Twin Peaks, Heroes, Star Trek: Picard, American Horror Story and many, many more....
Needless to say that Richard is one of our most favourite people and is well known for being one of the nicest, hardest working and humble artists within the industry. 
We caught up with Richard and chatted about our mutual love for Halloween! 
What was your favourite Halloween outfit as a kid? 
When I was about 10 I wanted to be a mummy. My mom worked in surgery at a hospital in Cleveland, she had access to as much roll gauze as we’d need to mummify me. We did over some thermal underwear and it looked very believable. So I went out and trick or treated. Sadly it started to rain and rain and rain. By the time I’d come home my entire costume was dragging behind me. Needles to say part of the evening was good fun the rest was a drag!🤪

Halloween Richard Redlefsen

 You’re attending a Halloween party and time and money is no object what costume/look do you create? 
I had a Darth Vader mask as a kid and I’d love to have a full Darth Vader costume. That would be fun.
Conversely: You have ten dollars to make a costume, what do you buy/what do you go as?
I’d buy a cheap suit at the thrift store tater it up and go as a zombie.
Richard Zombie
(Desert undead zombie from Resident Evil: Extinction. Application and paint by Richard. Appliances provided by PTD. Makeup FX dept head Bruce Fuller)

Is there character/look you’ve seen in film/tv in the past year that you think would make a great costume?
I’m kinda partial to Star Trek: Picard🖖 and I think the Elnor character would be a great costume and look. 
Richard Redlefsen Star Trek
(Prosthetic application, paint and beauty makeup by Richard. Appliances provided by VVD FX. Wig and styling by Maria Sandoval. Wig ventilated by Anneleise. Brows made by Sasha Camacho. Makeup dept head James MacKinnon)

What’s your top tip for someone looking to do their own makeup this year, who maybe has never tried it before? 
Have fun, be safe by using good makeup and good techniques in applying your. Whatever you do, DO NOT use raw bacon on your face🤔🙄🤪. I saw that from a makeup influencer on Instagram. Pretty reckless I’d say. There are some good hygienic tutorials out there so please choose wisely. 

What are your top 5 Halloween films?
     5) The Ring
     4) Blair Witch Project
     3) Halloween
     2) Jeepers Creepers
     1) The Exorcist

From Candy Corn to Caramel apples Halloween goes hand in hand with indulgence. Do you have a favourite Halloween treat?
Carmel apples without a doubt.

Do you have any Halloween traditions or rituals?
We usually dress up as three character from movies or books. This year Wizard of Oz, Lilly is Toto, Anna is Dorothy I’ll be the Tin Man. Last year Lilly was Cheshire Cat, Anna was Alison and I was the Mad Hatter.
Richard Redlefsen Hallowee

Some say that on Halloween, the spirits of the dead return to earth for one night. Whose spirit would you chose to spend your Halloween with?
Given 2020, we will be visiting the spirit of David Bowie!!! All the spirits opted out of coming to earth as they didn’t want to wear masks and face shields 

If you were to create your own HHN style haunted house, what would be your chosen theme? 
I think a vintage sunken ship theme would be cool and fun. 

And finally do you have any Halloween plans for this year?
Our daughter Lilly is 5 now and we try to make the holidays special for her and it makes the holiday more fun for us. We will do a little Halloween parade in our neighborhood socially distanced of course and the kids can stop at tables set up and get a candy or two. 

Richard redlefsen Lilly Halloween

Thank you Richard for taking part of our blog and being endlessly supportive. 
All our love to the family!