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MUA Top Fives: Dirt

by Alice Lennon
MUA Top Fives: Dirt

As Valentine’s week comes to an end the question on everyone’s lips, how dirty can you get... to help you out we've broken down our top 5 favourite dirts.

1. Fleet Street Dirtworks Dirt  -

This extensive range of dirts includes x6 realistic shades (Dark Brun, Soot, Sand, Rotten Stone, Sedona, Muddy Waters) with colours that match the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette (available is 'On Set' size too!).
Safe on skin, these cosmetic grade dirt powders are non hazardous & DO NOT contain any Fullers Earth or nasties making them ideal for use on skin & costume. Best used with the Dirtworks Dirt Bags for a speedy & foolproof application, or  go that extra step to help the powders stay in place with the Dirtworks Dirt-Tac.
Completely safe to use on skin, the simple formula contains no talc, silica or walnut shells.
The versatile Dirtworks range are designed to be used alone or integrated with Dirtworks Grime liquids to create an endless variety of mud, grime, grunge and dirt effects quickly and easily with incredibly realistic results.

DirtWorks Dirt Powder
2. Dirty Down Ageing Spray -

A quick spray is a fast and easy way to make thing look old and dirty. It's used in films, TV and theatre throughout Europe on costumes and props to make them look old and aged.
Dirty Down Ageing Sprays are translucent, water soluble dyes. Spray them onto a surface and they do not cover like paint, you can still see the surface underneath. Being water soluble means they can be made wet again, even if they have been left to dry for months, they can also be smudged with a damp cloth to look like real stains. Apply them to most fabrics, glass, mirrors, leather, timber, furniture, paper, card, metal, painted surfaces, plaster, brickwork, stone, plastics and more. Need a costume, wall or glass window to look old and dirty, just spray it with Dirty Down ageing spray. Ageing Sprays are solvent based and are ozone friendly!

Dirty Down

3. Maqpro Dirt palette -

Maqpro is a  high-end classic, made with natural wax and is still one of the most popular products among professionals. With easily build-able coverage, the more Makeup Mixer you use to apply it the sheerer it becomes. The colours can be blended perfectly together with the Makeup Mixer as a binder. Fard Crème has a lasting power between 12 to 15 hours and can also be thinned with IPA for more longevity or to be used as alcohol colours. 
• Paraben Free
• Cruelty Free

The wax consistency makes it the perfect product to replicate dirt effects. Available in two selections, palette 1 is also great for ill effects like paling out skin tones and building insipid purple tones around the eyes. Palette 2 is the beautiful mix of tonal browns allowing you the freedom to replicate any type of dirt and mud effect. *try layering 3 different colours from the palette to give your dirt effect more depth! 

Maqpro dirt palette

Maqpro Dirt Palette 1 

Maqpro dirt palette

Maqpro Dirt Palette 2 

4. Ben Nye Powder Dirt -

Available in x3 colours - Charcoal, Plains Dust and Ash
Charcoal, This black pigmented powder is perfect for chimney sweeps, explosions, burns and grease stains! *for a super easy and realistic explosive effect, ask your actor/ model to scrunch up their face as much as possible and apply the dirt lightly with a brush this will create a realistic explosion effect. 

Plains Dust, is mid brown in colour and more of a traditional mud colour which can be mixed with a moisturiser to create a very realistic mud paste.
Ash Powder, great for desert or sand scenes or even a light coating of dust!

Ben Nye Powder

An industry fave, this water based liquid is great for for producing water-resistant, rub-proof matt dirt effects on actors. Great if you have a lot of extras or children to cover where traditional grease based products may be easily removed. Will not transfer onto costumes once dry but not recommended for direct application to costumes unless a patch test is performed to check for suitability. Available in x3 colours: Grey, Grease and Brown
Maekup Dropper Dirt