A Handy Guide to Pro Bondo

March 28, 2017

A Handy Guide to Pro Bondo

So what exactly is Pro Bondo I hear you cry?

Well, Pro Bondo goes by many names including Prosthetic Transfers, Pros Aide Transfer, 3D Transfers or simply Bondo. Whatever name you like to use, the product stays the same: an acrylic adhesive based material used with translucent flat plate transfer mould to create cuts, scars, eye bags and even aging pieces.


 Why is Pro Bondo so useful? 

Firstly, Pro Bondo moulds are typically translucent, which helps accurately place and apply the wound. Moreover, Pro Bondo is the key to seamless continuity! Everyone wants an easy life and Pro Bondo allows you to apply directly from the mould and it takes a relatively small amount of time to make, fill and apply compared to its predecessor, the silicone appliance. It’s also much easier compared to applying the wound in platinum based silicone like Sculpt Gel, 3rd Degree or Skin Sculpt which of course even if you are a very skilled pro you will struggle to replicate the wound accurately when sculpting it directly onto the skin. 

Once the Bondo has been applied directly from the mould, the mould is then ready to be reused. Simply clean, release, refill and leave overnight to set. It's.that.easy. And it makes continuity issues a thing of the past. Bondo can be coloured with Skin Illustrator, BlueBird Alcohol Palettes or thinned (cut with IPAgrease paints


Probondo Products 

If you are after a Pro Bondo try our top 3!

1.  PTM, Prosthetic Transfer Material by Tinsley Transfers 

2. Pro Bondo, Original and the most popular by Dave Stoneman (Maekup)

3. Incognito, Bondo by PS Composites 

Step by step  - 

- Begin by cleaning your mould. A quick wash with IPA will ensure your mould is clean. 

- Use a release agent such as Release and Seal, Vaseline or Ultra Par 4.  Our personal favourite is Release and Seal

- Prosthetic Makeup Artist Kristyan Mallett shared a super handy trick with us, which is an optional step, but one we highly recommend. If you encapsulate your Pro Bondo piece, then you'll find you get a much better edge and can blend away even easier. To do this, you can either airbrush Cap Plastic into your mould after you use a release, but before using Bondo. Alternatively, you can opt for the brand new product by Mouldlife called Super Baldiez Spray, which removes the need for an airbrush. 

- Whether you use the above technique or not, the next step is to fill your mould. Be extremely careful!! You need to make sure that you make the edges as thin as possible. Another top tip is to use business cards; the bonus being that these are disposable. Alternatively, a palette knife or a scrapper will do the job just as well. 

- Leave to cure. Factors such as the size of the mould and the temperature of the room will all contribute to how long this will take. To be on the safe side, we recommend leaving it to cure overnight. If you want to speed up the process, you can pop it in a dehumidifier. Failing that, an airing cupboard will work too. 


- Apply the piece straight from the mould, or if you have encapsulated the mould, gently coax the piece out with the assistance of a translucent powder. We recommend Ben Nye's Neutral Set and a soft bristled brush.  


Tips and hints

Always clean the skin first before applying to degrease.

If you are having problems with the Pro Bondo drying, try filling them in layers or invest in a dehumidifier.

If you find the Pro Bondo looks unnaturally shiny, try the HiDef Matting Spray.

If your Pro Bondo pieces are reluctant to come out of their mould, try putting a small touch of Pros Aide just on one end. This then coaxes the pieces out. 

If the Pro Bondo piece doesn't feel as tacky as it should, try washing the back in IPA which will reactivate the adhesive agent. 

Another great way to ensure the bondo stays put all day long is to utilise Pros-Aide Cream, apply a small layer to both skin and the bondo, hairdryer dry, then apply.

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