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Vermillion FX Blood Spatter Spray 100ml

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Vermillion FX

Comes in the shade Bright Crimson. For quick spray effects on skin, prosthetics & costume. Washable.

FORENSIC ACCURACY “Realistically creates fine blood spatter which typically occurs from fast, high impact trauma to the body such as an incision or gunshot. This expirated spray would come from the point the weapon/bullet exits the body, rather than the point of entry.”

ON SET USE Ideal for creating quick spray effects on skin and costume eg. for large scale, battle-scene crowd rooms. Also for art department recreations of crime scenes.

REMOVAL Wash with soapy water & repeat until any residue is removed from skin. Soak fabric in cold water then use washing machine if suitable. Spot clean from delicate fabrics with stain remover, do not dry clean. Extensively fabric tested but we advise prior patch testing. User accepts all liability.


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