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Studio Sangeet Trauma Flat Mould - Knife Fight #1

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Studio Sangeet

Fill with:

Bondo and silicone. 



BK1 Large hunting knife with stab, twist and pull

SK1 Large slash with small knife

SK2 Angled entry with small knife 

SK3 Four rapid stabs with small knife 

SK4 Single small stab

Recommended materials (not included):

Release agent (Ultra 4/wax/Vaseline): solvent (Acetone & IPA); encapsulating (cap) plastic; prosthetic-grade silicone gel; prosthetic-grade gelatine; Pros aid based Bondo; silicone adhesive. 

Recommended equipment (not included):

Metal or plastic scraper, scales or graduated mixing cups; airbrush & compressor, spirit level; mixing sticks; vinyl or Nitrile gloves. 

Designed by: Sangeet Prabhaker


Handmade in London 

More information:


2017 Studio Sangeet


Open to use moulds in production is granted. 

Hard copy duplication of moulds is not allowed. 

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