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Studio Sangeet Trauma Flat Mould - Guns & Ammo #1

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Studio Sangeet

Fill with:

Ideal with Bondo 


H7A Glock 19 firing 9mm Luger from 7m: entry

H7B Exit from H7A

H12A .44 Taurus Magnum full metal jacket from 7m: entry

H13B Exit from H12A

R2A Aris firing .22.3 inch ammo from 5m: entry

R2B Exit from RA2

Recommended materials (not included):

Release agent (Ultra 4/wax/Vaseline): solvent (Acetone & IPA); encapsulating (cap) plastic; prosthetic-grade silicone gel; prosthetic-grade gelatine; Pros aid based Bondo; silicone adhesive. 

Recommended equipment (not included):

Metal or plastic scraper, scales or graduated mixing cups; airbrush & compressor, spirit level; mixing sticks; vinyl or Nitrile gloves. 

Designed by: Sangeet Prabhaker


Handmade in London 

More information:


2017 Studio Sangeet


Open to use moulds in production is granted. 

Hard copy duplication of moulds is not allowed. 

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