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FreeDryer Cordless Hairdryer

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The world’s first cordless hair dryer, which can be used whilst working on set or whilst travelling, even when there is no plug socket in sight. This handy little blow dryer lasts for 15 minutes per charge, which is more than enough time to dry and style hair.  After use, just pop it in its cordless holder where it will re-charge again in approximately 2 hours, ready for its next use.  Loved in the US by many pro artists who use it whilst on set, not only for hair, but also for drying latex when doing special effects make-up. The FreeDryer is even safe to use around water and you can take an additional battery with you to extend its running power.  
  • cordless & rechargeable
  • battery operated & 1 pound weighted
  • electromagnetic radiation free - made in Taiwan
  • with AC adapter & car charging cable
  • Batteries are consumables and need to be recharged every 3 months.

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