Dirty Down Ageing Spray 200ml

Dirty Down

A quick spray is a fast and easy way to make thing look old and dirty. It's used in films, TV and theatre throughout Europe on costumes and props to make them look old and aged.
Dirty Down Ageing Sprays are translucent, water soluble dyes. Spray them onto a surface and they do not cover like paint, you can still see the surface underneath. Being water soluble means they can be made wet again, even if they have been left to dry for months, they can also be smudged with a damp cloth to look like real stains.
Apply them to most fabrics, glass, mirrors, leather, timber, furniture, paper, card, metal, painted surfaces, plaster, brickwork, stone, plastics and more. Need a costume, wall or glass window to look old and dirty, just spray it with Dirty Down ageing spray. Ageing Sprays are solvent based and are ozone friendly. 

200ml spray can. 


Due to the hazardous nature of this product, please email us at hello@themakeuparmoury.com for all delivery options. This product cannot be sent in our standard postal service. Thank you!

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