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MUA Top Fives: Makeup Podcasts

by Natalie Wright
MUA Top Fives: Makeup Podcasts

These days we have a new addiction... PODCASTS. Podcasts are free magazine subscriptions for your ears and a powerful yet accessible way of sharing knowledge and learning new things. 

But in a world where anyone with a recording device and an iTunes account can distribute a podcast, how do you decide which ones deserve your precious time (even if that's time you're trying to kill on the daily commute, or as background noise on the makeup trailer)?

Don't worry, we've broken down our favourite Makeup related Podcasts, to help you find new inspiration, explore new ways of learning and provide a new soundtrack for your creative outlets  -

Battles with bits of Rubber

Battles with Bits of Rubber  

Our first, and our favourite podcast is the joint venture of SFX icons Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni, who delve into the world of makeup effects and prosthetics. Every episode is a highly technical discussion of techniques, processes, products and a great insight into the differences between American and English SFX (complimented by the soothing tones of Stuart and Todd).

Todd Debreceni is the author of 'Special Makeup Effects For Stage And Screen', which  many, including us here at the Armoury, consider to be the modern makeup FX bible (You can check out Todd's book HERE featured in our MUA TOP FIVES: SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKEUP BOOKS).

Stuart Bray is an English working makeup FX artist, with many years of experience within the industry. Stuart is also a well known lecturer within the industry, teaching at some of the most prestigious schools in the UK. Stuarts teaching transpires in the way he is able to break down and explain processes and products so effortlessly. 

The podcasts include a blog post and show notes for every episode, which is a great way to digest the information from the podcast and also find references mentioned throughout the podcast. 

Favourite episode - Episode 26 Sangeet Prabhaker: Open Source Open Mind!?

How can it not be! Featuring our lovely friend Sangeet Prabhaker. Sangeet is a well known prosthetics artist, perfectionist and innovator, who constantly strives to develop new techniques.

Check out Sangeet's online tutorials HERE and his range of moulds HERE.




This is the SFX Makeup podcast from a fan and pro perspective! Len Peralta is the fan, an artist with a keen interest in makeup and special effects. Frank Ippolito is the pro, a working professional in the FX industry with many movies and TV shows under his belt, not to mention his stint on the hit TV show FACEOFF. Together they cover a variety of topics, interview guests and geek out in general about makeup.

Favourite episode - Micheal Westmore: Excerpts From Makeup Man Episode 75 

As big fans of Star Trek, this is a great insight into the design, practicality, application and challenges faced by Micheal and his team whilst designing makeup for Star Trek. 

Picking Brains

Picking Brains 

Brad & Nathan discuss the horror genre from a fan point of view, rammed with interviews, reviews, analysis, and some odd singing....

Not purely a makeup podcast, but covers all aspects of horror fandom and is a great listen whilst sculpting or drawing. 

Favourite episode - Nick Maley: Saving Yoda

Nick was part of Stuart Freeborn’s team on Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back, he played an integral part on Stuart’s team in the creation & realization of Yoda.    A great discussion on the effort to bring back a practical Yoda puppet, integrated with stories of Nick's experiences on the Star Wars films and his time in the FX world.

This week in makeup

This Week in Makeup 

Main host Crystal is joined by renowned makeup artist Allan Apone. Chatting with some of the biggest voices and companies in the industry, come and join the dialogue with the industry's latest news and events from the beautiful world of makeup artistry. With topics ranging from professional "insta-famous" artists to professional special effects artists on set, there is something new each week.

Favourite episode - TWiM 102: Thor Ragnarok Special with Allan Apone, Luca Vanilla and Vicenzo Mastrantonio. A great insight into what goes into the design process for such a huge franchise. 


Famous Monsters

Famous Monsters Podcast 

The official podcast for Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. Living up to their classic and nostalgic roots while staying current and ahead of the curve, every episode features entertaining genre pop-culture conversations and interviews with top artists, stars, and filmmakers. Horror. Sci-Fi. Fantasy. Fun! Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine is available to purchase at and digitally at

Favourite episode - An American Werewolf in London (John Landis/ Rick Baker). As American Werewolf turns 35 celebrate with extended interviews with Landis and Baker. Filled with behind-the-scenes insight into the creative process behind this horror classic.