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by Natalie Wright

In the midst of all the Monster madness, there was one event in particular that we were especially excited for... the key event of the weekend: the Lost Boys 30th Anniversary Makeup Tribute.

Lost Boys Wigs The Makeup Armoury Vampires Everywhere Lost Boys Monsterpalooza The Makeup Armoury

Curated by Eryn Kreuger Mekash and hosted by our friends at PPI (Premiere Products INC) we had the honour of watching three of the original Oscar-Winning makeup artist - Greg Canom, Ve Neil and Steve La Porte (Bill Corso was also in attendance, lending a hand) recreate the iconic makeups from the original moulds used 30 years ago. 

Ve Neil Lost Boys The Makeup Armoury 
Lost Boys The Makeup Armoury

Lost Boys The Makeup Armoury 

After the makeups had been created on the PPI booth, we headed over to the main theatre to watch Paul Davis interview the Legends with the addition of everyone's  favourite Frog Boy, Jamison Newlander. Here are some of our favourite stories from the panel. Remember that if you do want to watch the whole panel you can do so via the PPI Facebook.

Lost Boys Panel The Makeup Armour

Ve began the panel by speaking about the design elements of the vampires, stating that she wanted the vampire design to be slick and sexy. I think we can all agree that she most definitely achieved that! 

In an attempt to save time in the morning and appease the director, Ve had the Lost boys get extensions tied into their hair and even had the boys get semi-permanent nail extensions. At the time, this was quite revolutionary, especially in the film industry. 

One huge obstacle that they had to overcome were the contact lenses used. Greg Cannom stated that he designed most of the makeup around these so you can only imagine how important they were to the finished look. He ended up having to fly to the UK to have them specially made over here. Despite that, contacts back then weren't even close to what we get now and the actors could only wear them up to an hour at a time. They were unbelievably thick and hand painted with, and this still shocks us, Kryolan... Now, we all love Kryolan but I'm not sure I would like to have that in my eye for long periods of time. 


If you are a huge Lost Boys fan, you'll remember the scene where the Frog Brothers finally kill Brooke in the bathtub. Amidst the slaying there are pipes exploding, blood bubbling from the sink and generally a big old mess... Well, imagine having to reshoot that scene 5 times until the colour of the blood was right, which means having to rebuild the set and clean down the actors for every retake. Plus if you didn't already know, blood is goddamn sticky. Nightmare!

Ve explained the unlikely and simply genius makeup process behind the 'melting of Brooke' (played by Alex winter). During the scene, the vampire is pushed into the bathtub by the Frog Brothers and Nanook (the dog). Firstly, the vampire is splashed with a combination of Holy water and garlic, before being immersed into the tub. Ve described how instead of reapplying the makeup she progressively ripped out chunks from the foam latex piece prosthetic and then coloured as the burns got more severe. 

Greg added that originally he had designed a polystyrene dummy head that could be puppetered from beneath the bathtub. The polystyrene would then be dissolved with acetone to create the effect of melting (this effect can also be seen within the Alien Franchise) However, after a test shot they decided to move away from this effect. Basically, it was far too dangerous and they would have had to shoot, it outside which wasn't ideal. 

Lost Boys And The Makeup Armoury


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